Hi, my name is River Chaney.
I am 13 years old.
I really like trains.
My website is all about trains.
Check back soon, because I'm adding to my catalog of trains all the time!

Here are some of my Youtube videos of trains I made with my Daddy:

These are 3 of my trains:

Sir Topham Hatt (Wooden)

He owns the railway.

He sometimes gets very cross when the engines aren't being very useful. The diesels call him the fat controller. He's also known as, "That's Sir Topham Hatt to you."

Mavis (Wooden)

Mavis is a diesel.

She works at Fahrquar Quarry. She's good at keeping Troublesome Trucks in line. She bosses Bill and Ben.

Troublesome Truck (Wooden)

These guys cause lots of trouble on the railway.

They like to bump trains and speed down hills and breakaway. They cause lots of accidents. One time, they sent Toad into a muddy pool.