Hi, my name is River Chaney.
I am 12 years old.
I really like trains.
My website is all about trains.
Check back soon, because I'm adding to my catalog of trains all the time!

Here are some of my Youtube videos of trains I made with my Daddy:

These are 3 of my trains:

Diesel 10 (Wooden)

He's biggest bully on the railway.

He's scheming against Steamies. One time in Thomas and the Magic Railway, he was chasing Thomas and Lady. The viaduct was collapsing. Thomas jumped the gap after Lady made it, and Diesel 10 fell into the gap. He couldn't hold onto the track with his claw and fell into a barge of sludge!

Percy (Wooden)

Percy is Thomas' best friend.

He pulls the mail car.

Douglas (Wooden)

He's one of the Scottish twins.

He's No. 10. He's from Scotland.