Hi, my name is River Chaney.
I am 15 years old.
I really like trains.
My website is all about trains.
Check back soon, because I'm adding to my catalog of trains all the time!

These are 19 of my steamies:

Billy (Wooden)

I painted Billy red because I thought he wanted be like James.

Billy is goofy and has buck teeth.

Charlie (Wooden)

Charlie's goofy!

Culdee (Take-n-Play)

He is a mountain engine.

His coach is Catherine. He told a fake story about Godred about him making a mistake and falling off a mountain. The railway?s #2 is Ernis.

Douglas (Wooden)

He's one of the Scottish twins.

He's No. 10. He's from Scotland.

Duck (Wooden)

I just got this train from eBay. He used to belong to a little boy in Colorado.

His original name was Montague. The Rev. W. Audrey bought Duck for her children. His wheels weren't divided evenly so it gave him a waddle, and that's why they call him Duck.

Edward (Trackmaster)

My daddy modified this train by adding a front coupling.

His coal tender is empty.

Ferdinand (Wooden)

He's one of the Logging Locos. He's from the movie Misty Island Rescue.

He has goofy teeth like Billy. He always says, "That's right."

Flying Scotsman (Wooden)

He's fast and he's Gordon's brother.

Gordon was based off the Flying Scotsman, so that means he's the older brother. He's one of the REAL engines in the Thomas Railway series. The other two are Stepney and Wilburt.

Freddie (Wooden)

Freddie's a narrow gauge engine.

He works with Skarloey and Duncan.

Gordon (Wooden)

Gordon is blue. He's the Flying Scotman's brother.

Gordon is fastest and best! He pulls the Express! He can't be bothered to pull freight cars!

Hank (Wooden)

Hank's from America, probably Texas.

Hank can't couple to the front.

Hiro (Wooden)

Hiro is a really old engine.

He was lost for a long time until Thomas found him and helped repair him. Spencer tried to get Sir Topham Hatt to scrap Hiro.

James (Wooden)

James is the brightest red engine on Sodor.

He's vain and lots of fun. He pulls the express like Gordon. He's a mixed traffic engine. That means he pulls freight cars too.

James (Bumble) (Wooden)

James with a funny paint job.

How did he get this paint job?

Percy (Wooden)

Percy is Thomas' best friend.

He pulls the mail car.

Skarloey (Wooden)

Funny little engine.

Isn't he narrow gauge?

Stephen (Wooden)

He carries his tender on his back.

He was released in King of the Railway.

Thomas (Wooden)

No. 1 engine!

He's really useful. He runs his own branch line with Annie and Clarabel. He helps out all the other engines too. He can be cheeky from time to time.

Whiff (Wooden)

He works at the garbage dump.

He wears glasses. He probably smells bad and that's why they call him Whiff.